tiistai 9. kesäkuuta 2015


Tässä on Pauligin kahvimainosparodia, jossa pääosissa Amanda Hilla Ester Rautava
Here is a video about Amanda Hilla Ester Rautava

Our spy traveller has come out!
Here is a little story about it.

1. Shop keeper Mustafa screamed; "There is a bom!"

2. But the bom was just a pregnant woman with 10kg girya.

3.  Still Mustafa´s cat got frightened and jumped directly on the beehive.

4. One bee injected into boy´s ass so that basketball flied on the worm´s nest

5. The apple of the worm dropped into the nest of the bird and broke an egg.

6. But outcoming glad chick said:

Baby girl has borned in 3th of june in 2015 at 21:51. Weight: 3835kg, Tall: 51cm

Ps: Videos from the trip are coming very soon! And the great pinnacle judgement too!

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