keskiviikko 26. marraskuuta 2014

Activity days in Tasmania

Warning! This is written by A.

Yleisön pyynnöstä raportti Totem Polilta englanniksi.
Here is a link to my story and detail pictures about The Totem Pole:
The story of The Totem Pole

If you are not reading person. Here is one video from adidas athlets climbing on it:
The Totem Pole video

Terrifying Totem Pole

I desired to see sea dragons just after the trip to The Totem Pole. Unfortunately the weather was too windy and we were not able to go to the best spot. Instead of that we went to see one dragon in to the Cathedral cave. I did not see any dragon but I saw draught board shark. It was a cool little predator. Here is a picture story about diving.

Lohikäärmeen luolassa

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2 kommenttia:

  1. Hello you two,

    Nice photo story! Brings back a lot of memories of the dive in Tasie. How is Asia? Do you enjoy the trip?
    I was wondering if you might have more videos of the dive in the caves? The ones I got at Eaglehawk Neck were GOPR4272, GOPR4306 and GOPR4369...

    Cheers Dirk (do you have my email adress?)

  2. Hi, nice to hear from you! Thailand is warm and we have been lots of time in sea. Unfortunately water isn't as clear as in Tas. I will check the videos when I'm back home and have better internet connection. Chears! A & J.